Our Students

MALS students are a diverse and lively bunch, who frequently return to academia after pursuing professional careers.Talented and highly motivated, they  choose to pursue a customized Masters Degree that can help them reach their career goals and the interesets that enrich their lives.

Here are their reasons for pursuing MALS, captured in their own words:

Earning a Master’s degree is just as much of a personal development as a professional one for me. . .  .The MALS Program allows me to find personal fulfillment while achieving my academic dream.

—Kristy Lally, Academic Advisor at Central Piedmont Community College.


I believe that education has to be an ongoing experience. . . .The best decisions are made if we have the right updated information. . . .Staying relevant in our jobs and the job market also requires constant learning. (I already have an MBA and speak three languages.) 

__Luis Matta, Works in Community Relations for the City of Charlotte


I teach at a school where the mission is to ”produce independent lifelong learners". I strive to be an example of this mission to my students by continuing to further my education.

--Jackie Royce, Art Teacher at a Private K-12 School