Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

The Master of Arts program in Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program where students have flexibility to design individualized curricula around broad intellectual interests. 

Students can take graduate courses in Anthropology, Biology, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Ethics, Geography, Gerontology, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, Religious Studies, Sociology, or Spanish.  Students complete a final project to showcase their knowledge. The final project may be a thesis, research practicum, performance or a portfolio.

Students also have an option of pursuing graduate certificates in Cognitive Science, Communication Studies, Emergency Management, Gender Studies, Gerontology, Linguistics, Nonprofit Management, Translation Studies, and Professional Writing while completing the MA in Liberal Studies.  The UNC Charlotte MALS program is a full member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP)

What do we offer?

  • Intellectual engagement with outstanding faculty in small classroom settings.

  • The chance to engage critical cultural, social, and theoretical issues.

  • Improved reading, research and writing skills.

  • The opportunity to meet and to engage other interesting, active people.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The courses in the program adhere to the premise that all forms of intellectual inquiry, whether based in literature, science, engineering, or the arts, both influence and are influenced by each other. Recognizing these intersections is, for us, the starting point of intellectual inquiry.

What are some of the possible interdisciplinary tracks?

Students may tailor the program to fit their academic interests.  To give a better idea of potential courses of study, prior students have focused on the following programs:

  • Science, Technology, & Culture
    - science policy/environmental studies/history of science

  • Old and New Media
    - visual and aural aesthetics/media studies/the history of media

  • Language and Comparative Cultures
    - comparative literature, philosophy of language, linguistic

  • Constructions of Identity and Society
    - gender studies, ethnography, urban studies, psychology

  • Or, Create your own area of study

  • - work with the Director to specialize your concentration for your professional goals


Is this Degree the right one for you?

The MALS program is designed for students:

  • With established careers longing for intellectual stimulation, or

  • Whose careers would benefit from multidisciplinary education

You may want to consider the program if:

  • You already have specialized training and now seek a broader education.

  • You are eager to pursue intellectual stimulation and enrichment.

  • You enjoy learning about as well as investigating and discussing interesting issues with well-informed people.

  • You are committed to an understanding of the world that is multi-disciplinary


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